Hidemyass Review

Although Hidemyass VPN sounds like a funny name, the VPN Company is capable of providing virtual network connections that most of its competitors can’t measure up to. This Hidemyass review looks at some of its amazing features and why most its clients regard it as the best secure way to send and receive data over the internet.

The Services that HideMyAss provides

HideMyAss allows internet users to connect to the WebPages and send messages or emails through its servers instead of their own ISPs. However, the traffic that goes to the site will appear like it’s coming from a different server entirely because of the anonymity. Since this company has servers in more than 20 countries the traffic may seem to be coming from one of its VPN servers.

Whether this is legal or not

The idea behind the emergence of virtual private network is ensuring that malicious individuals who intend to do illegal activities on the internet such as intrusions like identity theft and data mining are kept off! Once you add the VPN connection to your computer’s control panel or better still get the downloadable file from the Hidemyass VPN service provider, you can comfortably send and receive sensitive data without worrying about the possibility of someone snooping through your communication and intercepting your confidential information. The service provider guarantees your communications, regardless of whether they are confidential or not, absolute perfection. Moreover, the fact that the messages you send are all encrypted means that no one will be able to compromise your security.


The demand for security, tight security, has compelled more and more budding entrepreneurs to enter the industry and come up with even more innovative ways of protecting internet users. If you choose the right service provider, you can be guaranteed of getting the best secure means of sending and receiving files through the servers of the VPN service providers. You can buy Hidemyass vpn service using a hidemyass coupon code.

For instance, if you want to visit a server or a site that is a carrier of information that you doubt and since you don’t want to be a victim of identity theft you can use VPN virtual servers. This basically means that whoever is running the site won’t able to know your IP address but instead he or she will see an encrypted message from the service provider’s server.

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With additional security protocols like SSL and PPTP no one can be able to listen in on the traffic that you are using to the site with gadgets like a packet sniffer. Even if someone tries to do that he or she will get a bunch that requires an encryption key to open or even read!

Although, the VPN services such as Hidemyass VPN have been initially used by online businesses that don’t want to unduly expose their clients’ information on the internet, end-users have now embraced the idea and are using VPN services to protect themselves on the virtual world. The beauty about these services is that they are not permanent. If you feel like switching to the regular internet connection you can at your own choosing.