How To Setup TorGuard VPN On Router

TorGuard is just one among so many commercial VPNs offered in the market. Well, TorGuard does have a different set of specs which might attract some of VPN cravers. If you are a type of VPN users who like to get through Torrent, then TorGuard is one exceptional product you can opt for. Another merit of Torguard is that it often provides Torguard coupon code. Using it will cut your money down.

TorGuard is compatible with various operating systems, from Windows to Linux, and from iOS to Android. In addition, TorGuard is present in approximately 1,200 servers located in 42 countries around the world. The flexibility it gives to the users make you easily choose one server you think will suit your data connection needs.


Setting Up TorGuard on DD-WRT

TorGuard comes with several package plans you can select one from, which all can be used for PPTP and OpenVPN configuration. If you prefer to use the OpenVPN and desire to connect it on DD-WRT VPN router, then you might find a bit difficulty. Hence these instructions are expected to be able to help you get through it.

First, you need to enter to your router’s local IP address by typing it on your browser’s URL bar. Once you are logged in to your DD-WRT router web, tap on the ‘Services’ on the main menu. Continue it by clicking on the ‘VPN’. After clicking on that menu, you are going to be presented a page showing a list of server configuration options, one of them is ‘OpenVPN Server/Daemon’.

That is where you must switch the setup to ‘Enable’. Then click Apply Settings to change the setup. The process is not yet done because you still need to access the ‘Administration’ tab on the main menu before selecting the ‘Commands’.

Continue the procedure by downloading the TorGuard DD-WRT Startup Scripts from TorGuard’s site. It’s a zip formatted document, so you need to unzip it before opening the file and copying them to the Commands previously.

Paste the scripts on the Commands’ text box and click on the ‘Save Startup’. On the script you have pasted, do not forget to replace the USERNAME-HERE and PASSWORD-HERE with your TorGuard’s username and password. After that, you can verify your connection status on the ‘Status’ and then ‘OpenVPN’.

And that’s it. Your task is done.  Now you can use your TorGuard with DD-WRT router.