How to use overplay on Apple TV

Overplay is providing a high speed internet connection without disturbing the ISP. It is easily accessible with the help of the product Smart DNS, by which a person can access to the World Wide Web, which is uncensored. With the help of the DNS software you can browse through the internet within minutes. Overplay can be used in any devices or any operating system like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux or a custom router or devices like apple TV, android, iPhone and many other devices.


Over play is providing the most advance VPN security feature and cheapest price (realized by OverPlay coupon code) in the internet market. They provide service providers from more than 42 countries across the world. For their clients, they provide the internet at a fastest speed. They are very simple in providing the information through the website. They segregate their connection into two types. They are smart DNS and Global VPN. Both the versions are easy to install without any technician. Their products are highly competitive in the market and come with an affordable price they offer to their customers.

Smart DNS is a connection which is given all over the world with good speed and unlimited browsing. With the help of Smart DNS one can access all the websites which are even blocked in some of the countries. When it comes to Global VPN their packages are same like smart DNS and it comes with no bandwidth restrictions and the speed limit is also incredible even when usage is with the traffic also.

Over play gives 24/7 customer and technical support through online chat support. All the technical support executives, engineers are well qualified with the product knowledge and able to give the solution. In case of security all the servers are encrypted by default. The installation and the registration process are very simple just by giving the personal information. Let us discuss how to use overplay on apple TV. Before installing to a new set up you should always note your existing network settings.

These are simple steps to follow to use from your Apple TV

  • Initially go for the settings menu
  • In settings select general and network
  • In the network menu select the connection type
  • Then go to configure DNS and select Manual
  • The apple TV will allow only one DNS

After configuring all the above settings you can restart the Apple TV without unplugging it from the power only by selecting Restart. Now the Apple TV will be configured easily with smart DNS. Immediately after the setup the customer can start working with the connection.

Hence to conclude, overplay gives many extensive features like simple navigation, good pricing 24/7 customer support etc.  The user security is maintained highly. They protect with simple and secured network. It is easy to setup the software. The internet connection is fast and reliable; the pricing is affordable to all the customers. Overplay is competing with all the leading brands which shows their quality and are providing their customers a good service.